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Art Collecting on a Shoestring Budget

Starting an Art Collection on a Shoestring Budget
Illustration from 'The Angry Artist
There's a line of questioning I've been asked about a lot lately.

 What if I want to start collecting art? Where do I start? What if I have little money to invest? 

Well - due to the internet, the downturn of the economy, and a million other reasons, the art world has been turned upside down. I've been a professional artist full time for the last five years, and I can hardly keep up with all the changes!

I grew up in an art friendly household. My mother and father are both fine artists, so living with an art collection was second nature to me. However, as I grew up and went to college I started to realize that most of America (and the world for that matter!) does not collect art. They buy prints from IKEA or TJ Maxx. Now, while I see nothing wrong with that, as it supports the art licensing world, it is unbelievably easy and affordable to start collecting and supporting local artists that live near you! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Start a Washi Wall

Starting an Art Collection on a Shoestring Budget

Starting an Art Collection on a Shoestring Budget
Original card artwork by my mother Bernadine Lucas
The least expensive way to start collecting is to buy postcards from local artists and apply them to your wall using washi tape (a decorative adhesive that generally doesn't hurt wall paint). All local galleries in our neighborhood carry postcards of their most popular works because they know traveling tourists want something small and budget friendly. 

Think Small

Starting an Art Collection on a Shoestring Budget
I wish I could credit the artist of this egg - unfortunately she did not sign her creations ;(
One of my favorite works of art is not on a canvas, but is an original oil painting on an egg from our local Easter market here in Salzburg. Artwork doesn't have to be big or flat or on the wall. It can be on any surface you can dream up! Keep an eye out at the next market in your town for a hidden treasure.

Make it a Collection

Starting an Art Collection on a Shoestring Budget
Art print by Carolyn A. Kilgour
This artisan hen cookie mold and framed print by Carolyn A. Kilgour were presents from my parents to get me started collecting art in our new apartment. It's easier to acquire art when the subject really resonates with you. Art comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. Never feel intimidated to purchase something different and unique that makes you happy.

Any purchase you make, no matter how small, matters to an artist that is trying to make a living so don't hesitate and get a little creative.

Comment below with any questions, ideas or artists that we should know about!

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