Sunday, November 14, 2021

Snow Friends Holiday Ornament Project

 Snow Friends Ornaments | Linzer Lane Blog

These sweet ornaments are something I've been making for years - but every time I make them - I add a little twist! :)

I've always been a fan of watercolors - even years ago before they became the primary medium for my children's book illustrations.

Snow Friends Ornaments | Linzer Lane Blog

In order to make these sweet Snow Friends Ornaments, you will need:

- a pencil, permanent marker (thin tipped), eraser, scissors
- paint brushes
- hole puncher
- string
- a mug or glass to trace

Trace around the rim of a mug or glass with a pencil in order to make a perfect circle. Add a little handdrawn loop on the top as the 'cap' for the ornament.

Next, add a cute character inside your holiday ornament. Polar bears and foxes are a great choice for the holidays - and are somewhat easy to draw, as you only need the 'bust' or top half of the animal.

Trace around your pencil drawing with permanent pen and erase the pencil lines.

Snow Friends Ornaments | Linzer Lane Blog

Next, comes the really fun part! Add some color using watercolor pencils. I love these colored watercolor pencils from OOLY because they offer a wide variety of colors, and it's easy to get precision within your artwork when using them. 

The concept pictured above is to use three similar colors blended together to achieve a stormy winter background.

Snow Friends Ornaments | Linzer Lane Blog

After you're happy with your fully colored ornament, add some dimension with what I like to call 'puff paint'! OOLY's Dot-A-Lot neon colors are perfect for adding 'snow' and sweater embellishments to these sweet characters. 

(This step was the 'twist' I tried this year ;) )

Snow Friends Ornaments | Linzer Lane Blog

After your art is completely dry, cut it out and add a hole and string for hanging on the tree!

Snow Friends Ornaments | Linzer Lane Blog

As always, I hope you enjoy the ideas on this blog, and would love to see your creations on social media! Don't forget to tag @LinzerLane and @weareooly if you do decide to try out these sweet ornaments!


Friday, November 12, 2021

Festive Shells & Stones DIY Project

 Festive Shells & Stones DIY Project by Linzer Lane

I've been totally enraptured with living near the seashore, and tend to carry home shells, sea glass, and found objects nearly every day with my 3 year old son Leon.

Now that the holidays are fast approaching - I wanted to share a sweet and simple idea that anyone can make this season!

You will need:

Festive Shells & Stones DIY Project by Linzer Lane

You can either 'prime' your shells and stones with two coats of acrylic paint as I did, or keep them unpainted for designing.

Festive Shells & Stones DIY Project by Linzer Lane

I have been using OOLY markers and paints for year, and these multi-purpose markers are great for drawing on natural materials. I would even say they worked even better on my unpainted shells - so the less prep work - the better ;)

Festive Shells & Stones DIY Project by Linzer Lane

Some easy ideas for round stones are penguins and snowmen. Clam shells lend themselves very well to hand lettering!

Festive Shells & Stones DIY Project by Linzer Lane

These festive stones and shells can be displayed on tables or shelves this winter. I tend to always leave my decorated shells out on the front stoop to greet passersby.

Festive Shells & Stones DIY Project by Linzer Lane

I hope you enjoyed this fun idea, and don't forget to say hi on all my social media pages @LinzerLane - as I've been posting ideas like a mad woman lately! (it must be all that fresh air by the sea). And give a friendly look over to OOLY as well - as their newsletters are always a joy to open!



Wednesday, April 14, 2021

15 Seconds School

15 Seconds School with Linzer Lane

I realized a few weeks ago that I spend 70% of my day running after Leon in some form or another - trying to show him how to make some craft, or teach him something about what we find daily on the beach. I also typically record these moments with my phone - so the next natural idea was to make them into little bit sized lessons on my social media platforms. 

I upload episodes of '15 Seconds School' 3-5 times a week that highlight easy crafting ideas, facts about nature, decorating tutorials - and so many other cute and fun things!

You can follow along on your fav platform, and please share with any other moms or teachers that might find this useful!

x Ashley

Sunday, February 28, 2021

9 Niche Businesses to Know

9 Niche Businesses to Know | Linzer Lane Blog

A few months ago I got to thinking about what really inspired me to start my brand Linzer Lane - and the answer has always been, aside from my love of animals, niche businesses. 

I grew up in the ecosystem of one while my parents ran a specialized gift shop and gallery, and I became drawn to them in college while running around the eclectic streets of the West Village in New York City.

When I moved abroad to Salzburg, Austria with my husband, niche businesses inspired me on another level. Small, adorable, specialized shops were everywhere! From storefronts that sold only buttons, to gingerbread stores, my mind’s creation of ‘Linzer Lane’ began to slowly emerge.

And so today, I’m thrilled to share with you some passionate business owners and individual artists that I have gotten to know throughout the years. Some I met through my Facebook group, and others are just good friends met at craft shows, art shows, and at work.

I asked each business owner to submit one photo that represents them, as well as how to find them online. Take some time to enjoy their stories, and visit their shops if you need a gift or two!

Shop Small & Shop Happy,


THE OIL WELL SCENT CO. | Linzer Lane Blog


I’ve been creating vegan perfumes and home goods since 2017.  I always use organic jojoba oil as my base and strictly plant based essential oils, concretes, and absolutes to scent with.  I’ll never use synthetics as fragrance will wreak havoc on your body.  And who doesn’t want to smell natural beauty? 

Why I do what I do.

My dear mom had developed cancer twice and we are so lucky to still have her. Although, I scolded her for using synthetic perfumes, I was able to steer her into vegan perfumery and, thankfully, she’s been a fan since.  

CRE8IVE CRAYONZ | Linzer Lane Blog


Personalized crayons- names, gift boxes and party favors

We are a mother - daughter (who is 6) duo inspiring tech-free fun and imaginary play with personalized crayons for the little cre8ives in your life.



is a fine artist from North Wales in the UK.

She paints landscapes and things of beauty in an impressionistic style, loving the texture, and appearance of oil as a medium. 

Wendy loves the world of nature in particular and feels it is so important for us all to  appreciate our surroundings and awe inspiring and quiet calming views.


A fan of early symbolist painters and impressionists, Wendy feels that we see visual metaphors all around us to help us make sense of our world or situation. Her artworks can simply celebrate  times and places special to us but are often painted with the intention of providing greater meaning.

Wendy is also a trained teacher and graphic artist and design elements come to bear on how work is composed/decided upon.



Katie Pea Studio | Linzer Lane Blog


Cute illustrated goods.

This is my creative outlet! I work various freelance jobs but I love having a free space to create art and products that I feel passionate about.

You can check out my website for links to my shop and wholesale information.

Avenue Chic | Linzer Lane Blog


Avenue Chic is a virtual showroom showcasing the work of various jewelry designers from around the world. Many of which are loved and worn by celebrities. 

Now you can accessorize like a celebrity.

Our designer jewelry collections are available at

Art by Diane Leon | Linzer Lane Blog


I am an abstract and collage artist born in New York City 

Abstraction gives me the freedom to express my emotions and memories. When I begin a painting, I work with no preconceived idea. I start to lay in color on my paper or canvas. As paint and color build the work takes on a life of its own. It is finished only when it ‘feels’ right to me. It is an emotional rather than intellectual process. I prefer intimate size paper/canvas. It gives me the spontaneity to express how I feel in the moment. 

I have taught at NYU, School of Professional Studies since 1995 as an adjunct associate professor of arts in the Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies. I also do mentoring at The Wasserman Center for Career Development and NYU, The Tisch School of the Arts. 

My work and brief exhibitions/awards can be seen at:



Illustration and Surface Pattern Design

I've been drawing, sewing and creating my whole life and I believe in sharing my knowledge with others. It is vital that we pass on our collective skills and knowledge so they are not lost forever, especially skills such as sewing and crafting that were once passed down the generations.

I am currently getting ready to launch my first subscription box which will bring together all of my passions; illustration, surface design and sewing. They will include exclusively designed organic fabrics, projects, all the necessary haberdashery and a few surprises too. They will be perfect for anyone with little ones in the family or for gifting to a friend. 

Filomena Jack Studio | Linzer Lane Blog


Murals, Highly Inaccurate Pet Portraits, and Fun and Funky Painting Classes. 

I love helping people laugh and feel joyful. I paint bright and exciting art works that are inspired by love. My classes are accessible and easy for beginners and informative for seasoned painters.

Strawberry & Co. | Linzer Lane Blog


My favorite niche business of all... ;)

My parents' gift shop, Strawberry & Co., closed a few years ago after being in business for over 35 years in downtown Lancaster, PA. As owners Bern and Wayne Lucas continue their journey into retirement, many of their treasures can still be purchased.

If you're a sucker for beautiful hand blown glass ornaments, imported Easter decor, and beautiful antique figurines, they just might have that perfect item for your collection...

Send a Message on Facebook for More Info



I'd also like to add my dear friend Lisa Best to this list. She makes vegan bags and accessories that are beautifully designed and sewn.



Thank you so much for reading! Share this post with anyone who loves to find out more about the small businesses, and the wonderful people behind them.

Linzer Lane

Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make & Love

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make & Love | Linzer Lane Blog

The combination of cold weather and quarantine life has pushed me and my little one into creativity overdrive this month! I noticed the more Leon gets excited about making things - the more I want to find different things for us to make. It's like a little cycle of happiness that keeps us going during this drab winter. 

So here are all the things we've been up to lately - and I hope you enjoy them and maybe try one or two on your own!


We truly had a blast making these. I actually think I was more excited than him ;) All you need is watercolor paper, water based markers (like Crayola or OOLY washable markers) and a spray bottle!

Have your little one draw all over a sheet of watercolor paper with different colors, then spray the art with water and tilt it to get some cool variations!

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make & Love | Linzer Lane Blog

Once the art is dry, use a cookie cutter to trace hearts and cut them out. Then write cute sayings on them (as pictured at the top of this post). They make perfect valentines!

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make & Love | Linzer Lane Blog


What could be easier then bending a toilet roll into a heart (as shown below). Then have your kids stamp it into different washable paint colors. A winner for toddlers!

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make & Love | Linzer Lane Blog


Add some conversation heart candies to clear seltzer water and watch them dance around!

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make & Love | Linzer Lane Blog


We bought a little house at the dollar store this Christmas and didn't know what to do with it... I figured it would make a very cute valentine's house - so Leon and I drew on it with markers and watercolors, and turned it into this little cute abode.

Michael's carries houses like this year round if you can't find any at your dollar store this time of year...

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make & Love | Linzer Lane Blog


It was hard for us to part with our Christmas tree and decoration this year, so we kept this small tree top tree up and added all the heart and red ornaments left over from the holidays on it - it's been a hit!

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make & Love | Linzer Lane Blog

RESI the RACCOON Paper Doll

Just listed in our online shop, this cutie has been a real hit with Leon this month. He loves putting her in all his cars too ;)

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make & Love | Linzer Lane Blog


If you're looking for a super easy way to entertain children during these chilly days, our Valentine coloring book was designed with tired moms in mind! 

Simply download, print, and have the kids color the day away.

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make & Love | Linzer Lane Blog

If you try any of these ideas, please do leave a comment. We would love to hear about it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air | New Valentine Coloring Book & Paper Doll by Linzer Lane

On this wonderful historic day, I'm happy to be blogging about something love related - the innocence of Valentine's Day. I've been looking forward to it so much this year - and have spent a good deal of time designing some products that highlight Linzer Lane's adorable new character, 'Resi the Raccoon'.

Love is in the Air | New Valentine Coloring Book & Paper Doll by Linzer Lane

My son Leon for some reason has really taken to her, and talks about 'Resi' more than he does his truck toys, which of course gives me a big smile and a boost of confidence too! 

Love is in the Air | New Valentine Coloring Book & Paper Doll by Linzer Lane

As of today, you can now find all these sweet items in my online store. They are the perfect way to entertain little ones still in the throws of quarantine this winter.

Love is in the Air | New Valentine Coloring Book & Paper Doll by Linzer Lane

xo Ashley (aka Lady Lucas)

Friday, December 11, 2020

Join the Linzer Lane Doodle Challenge!

Join the Linzer Lane Advent Doodle Challenge!

Dear Blog Friends,

I’ve been hosting a little advent doodle event on my social media pages for children (and anyone who loves to draw!) this December.

Every day a new how to draw video is revealed... and it’s easy to go back and check out all the days you’ve missed too ;)

Join the Linzer Lane Advent Doodle Challenge!

There’s even a free template you can use to make your drawings looks extra cute and fancy here.

Follow #linzerlaneadvent now, on:

Happy Holidays!


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