Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Draw Iggie - The Video

Iggie the Hedgehog | Linzer Lane Blog
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This week, the Linzer Lane experts are taking a little break so I can share with you this short video featuring my drawing process for Iggie the Hedgehog. Iggie appears in my upcoming picture book, Iggie's Gingerbread. He's a jolly little fellow who loves to bake and eat cookies daily.

Like all of my artwork, Iggie starts with a light pencil sketch, followed by a thin tipped Sharpie outline, then colored with either regular or watercolor colored pencils.

So, enjoy the video and don't forget to join my e-list, so you don't miss out on a lovely Iggie inspired free printable this September!

xo Ashley

PS - A big thank you to SCBWI's Eastern Penn Points blog & As the Eraser Burns for inspiring this special picture book themed post today! If you are a visiting SCBWI blogger, please leave your info below so we can check out your work!

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