Saturday, July 4, 2020

Easy Fairy Garden

Easy Fairy Garden by Linzer Lane Blog

I have been obsessed with Irish Moss this summer because of it's tiny daisy like blooms. My mom bought me a pot of it last month at a lovely greenhouse near my parents' home in Lancaster, PA, and I’ve been dying to do something cute with it!

Easy Fairy Garden by Linzer Lane Blog

My little one Leon has been getting more into miniatures (no doubt because I show them to him daily ;)), so this was an easy way to enterain him this week.

All you need is a pot filled with moss, or any other ‘container friendly’ groundcover. Stick some sweet miniatures on top such as mushrooms or woodland animals. Fairies need a place to rest, so don’t forget a chair or bed for your tiny garden!

Easy Fairy Garden by Linzer Lane Blog

Seashells make for an excellent ‘path’ that the fairies can follow.

Don’t forget to mist or water your moss often, and place a glass dome on top of it if you see it needs more moisture in order to thrive.

If you do try this idea, pretty please comment below. I would love to see it!

xo Ashley

Easy Fairy Garden by Linzer Lane Blog

PS - I just launched a sweet little 'Field Guide' about all the animals of Linzer Lane this week. Check it out here!

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