Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Travel Tip Tuesday: Amazing Salzburg Krippe

Salzburg Krippe | Little Owl Lane Blog

If you happen to be in Salzburg, Austria during the holiday season and find yourself wandering around the ancient and notable street, 'Steingasse', don't forget to pay a visit to this annual miniature nativity display.

Salzburg Krippe | Little Owl Lane Blog

I happened across it with my husband the other day and was amazed by the charming aspect of this miniature world featuring hundreds of small dolls, miniature accessories and handmade storefronts. In the center of it all is a charming nativity scene (which unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture of).

Salzburg Krippe | Little Owl Lane Blog

A lover of all things miniature my entire life, I was thrilled to happen upon this lovely display which apparently has been growing slowly behind the scenes at this gallery- which for the rest of year devotes itself to textile arts.

Salzburg Krippe | Little Owl Lane Blog
I love this lady's boots! And a special velvet coat tops off the look.

A hidden gem for sure, this special 'Krippe' is well worth the time to admire.

Happy January and fingers crossed for snow this week!

PS - Just had to add these cute photos in too. They were taken of a bakery on Steingasse in Salzburg as well. Love the snowman cookies!

Snowman Cookies Salzburg Austria Little Owl Lane

Cake, Salzburg Austria, Little Owl Lane

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