Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Linzer Lane Character Collection 2017

Iggie the Hedgehog | Linzer Lane Blog

Iggie is a hedgehog gingerbread baker who loves collecting spices, drinking blueberry tea and playing checkers on his rare days off.

I'm so excited to announce my Linzer Lane character collection for 2017! These are characters I've created over the last two years and they appear in my children's books, coloring books and within various products that will be released this year.

Zinnie the Rabbit | Linzer Lane Blog

Zinnie the rabbit runs the local flower nursery on Linzer Lane. She is dear friends with Iggie and loves growing Zinnias, Cosmas and Gladiolas within her gardens.

Zoe the Tabby Cat | Linzer Lane Blog

Zoë the Tabby Cat runs a charming button shop that serves the community with darling glass, wooden, and clay buttons. She hosts a monthly 'Button Club' event where light refreshments are served.

Treat the Owl is brand new for 2017! I hope you enjoy him ;)
Treat the Owl | Linzer Lane Blog

Treat the Owl owns the local bookstore. Treat's store is unique, because he only carries cookbooks. His favorite cuisine is French. He never passes up a fresh baguette.

Which character is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below so I can create more books and products to enjoy this year.



  1. Zoe is my fav... Cute! Cute! Cutest!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback ;) You're in luck - because I want to feature Zoe in my next book this year so stay tuned. Happy New Year! xo