Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New Logo for a New Year

New Logo New Year for the Lady Lucas Art Company | Linzer Lane Blog

For the new year I thought my art brand logo could use a little freshening up! I created the little character of myself a few months back, but thought it was missing something.

I've been very inspired by old vintage signs this year. Ever since we moved into the warehouse district in Jersey City, I've been noticing old worn lettering on buildings pretty much everywhere I look. It's something I've never noticed before... but now I see them everywhere - those lovely hand lettered signs from a bygone era that announce stationary, produce, clothing or pretty much anything you can think of. I thought it would be fun to come up with my own lettering that has a little old fashioned twist to it...

While teaching an art class this fall, one of my students asked how my 'art company' was doing. At first I just thought it just a cute comment to remember. Then I realized, even though I'm a "one girl band", my business really is like a small company churning out new art, products, lessons and content daily. It just felt right to add those words to my artist name - so there you have it!

I also wanted to share that starting in January I'll be posting a new blog every other week, to devote more time to art making (and selling!)

If you enjoy my blog, please share it with a friend this season. It would mean the world to me!



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