Friday, December 11, 2020

Join the Linzer Lane Doodle Challenge!

Join the Linzer Lane Advent Doodle Challenge!

Dear Blog Friends,

I’ve been hosting a little advent doodle event on my social media pages for children (and anyone who loves to draw!) this December.

Every day a new how to draw video is revealed... and it’s easy to go back and check out all the days you’ve missed too ;)

Join the Linzer Lane Advent Doodle Challenge!

There’s even a free template you can use to make your drawings looks extra cute and fancy here.

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Happy Holidays!


Monday, October 12, 2020

Linzer Lane's Newest Character Revealed!

 Our lives have changed dramatically this month - we left our one room loft apartment in Jersey City (a town my husband and I called home for over ten years), and moved into a winter house rental in Belmar, NJ. We now have access to nature, (and tranquility!), on a daily basis. Leon hasn't skipped a beat, and thinks that his new home is just peachy.

Instead of daily fire alarms, non-stop high-rise construction noise, and concrete plazas, he now has a garden to run in, and the beach two blocks away. The pandemic certainly pushed us into this situation with both of us working from home - but it's been a blessing in disguise!

The day we pulled up to our new home, there was a rabbit out front - and we all agreed that was a good sign!

As the weeks of progressed, one rabbit in particular comes to greet Leon and I every single day, and so we've given her the name of 'Pinecone'. 

Pinecones are a'plenty here in this quaint beach town, and her fur mimics their hues perfectly.

I find her so absolutely endearing, I knew I had to create a special character in her honor for my Linzer Lane series! Here is the first sketch of her below. 

'Pinecone the Cottontail' will be a seasonal character that runs a Christmas Tree stand during the holidays at the Linzer Lane Chriskindlmarkt. Pinecone loves gingham outfits and grabbing gingerbread to go from Iggie the Hedgehog. 

For more adorable art, don't forget to visit my web shop > Linzer Lane.

XO Ashley

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Monday, September 7, 2020

A Ladybug & Two Bees Walk Onto a Sunflower...

This labor day weekend Leon got to spend some time with his grandparents at a local farm in Lancaster, PA called Cherry Hill Orchards. It's a great family friendly spot that offers peach picking in the summer and apple picking in the fall...

Look at those feet! I think they're pretty adorable ;)

It was a lovely September day and we picked apples as well as enjoyed photographing sunflowers and picking zinnias. 

Just wanted to share some snaps from our trip and pass on some of that crisp, country air to you.

Notice the little bee flying where the silo is...

So many lovely zinnia colors to choose from.

The final bouquet as arranged by my mother (with Muffy the bear looking on).

Wishing you all a fruitful and happy start to the fall!


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The New Book is Here!

Animals of Linzer Lane Book

I'm really pleased to announce printed copies of 'The Animals of Linzer Lane' are now available for purchase! Printed by a wonderful local shop in Red Hook Brooklyn, these sweet books are the perfect size for a handbag or tote. Bring one to the beach or to your garden to read this summer!

Featuring 20 pages of cute facts about all of Linzer Lane's most popular animal residents. Think Audobon Field Guide meets Hello Kitty ;)

Each book is signed by the artist and ready for gifting or to keep as a little treat for yourself.




Saturday, July 4, 2020

Easy Fairy Garden

Easy Fairy Garden by Linzer Lane Blog

I have been obsessed with Irish Moss this summer because of it's tiny daisy like blooms. My mom bought me a pot of it last month at a lovely greenhouse near my parents' home in Lancaster, PA, and I’ve been dying to do something cute with it!

Easy Fairy Garden by Linzer Lane Blog

My little one Leon has been getting more into miniatures (no doubt because I show them to him daily ;)), so this was an easy way to enterain him this week.

All you need is a pot filled with moss, or any other ‘container friendly’ groundcover. Stick some sweet miniatures on top such as mushrooms or woodland animals. Fairies need a place to rest, so don’t forget a chair or bed for your tiny garden!

Easy Fairy Garden by Linzer Lane Blog

Seashells make for an excellent ‘path’ that the fairies can follow.

Don’t forget to mist or water your moss often, and place a glass dome on top of it if you see it needs more moisture in order to thrive.

If you do try this idea, pretty please comment below. I would love to see it!

xo Ashley

Easy Fairy Garden by Linzer Lane Blog

PS - I just launched a sweet little 'Field Guide' about all the animals of Linzer Lane this week. Check it out here!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Summer Sale

seashell animation

I've reopened my web shop today, after a long COVID related shipping break. I'd love to invite you to check out all the adorable art and gifts available for purchase! Simply visit and use code SEASHELL for 20% OFF your total.

xo Ashley

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Tulip Town

Tulip Town in Jersey City | Linzer Lane Blog

This month has been the strangest April in probably all of our lives. There’s a repetition to the days and an underlying sense of fear that makes us all kind of feel blah. On Saturday I walked to the waterfront with my husband and little Moose and was really thrilled and tickled by a lovely tulip surprise.

Tulip Town in Jersey City | Linzer Lane Blog

Adorning the Newport, Jersey City waterfront are hundreds of multi colored tulips. Gorgeous pinks, reds, purples and yellows.

Tulip Town in Jersey City | Linzer Lane Blog

I’ve been living in Jersey City a long time - and I can tell you flowers are few and far between here, that’s why the whole thing made me want to take some pictures and report back to you guys!

Tulip Town in Jersey City | Linzer Lane Blog

On the walk home, I told my husband I might write about our day and he said, “You mean Tulip Town?” I thought that was cute.

Tulip Town in Jersey City | Linzer Lane Blog

xo Ashley
FREE Coloring Pages | Linzer Lane Blog

PS - Download these FREE coloring pages for your little ones via my web shop. Featuring Zinnie holding a little tulip - perfect for today's theme!
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